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May 30, 2013
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Yoon Shi-Kuin- MNG APP by Chibi-ika Yoon Shi-Kuin- MNG APP by Chibi-ika

★Name: Shi-kuin , Yoon

★Age: 15

★Height: 5' 1"

★Weight: 140 lbs

★Year: Freshman

★Level : Beginner

♥Bubble Baths
♥Being Romanced
♥Tall People
♥Texting friends
♥Techno/Dance music
♥Swimming (lol)

*People who pick on his height
*Country Music
*He blushes to easily
*Not getting enough sleep at night

Yoon is a outgoing person even though hes never really had that many friends. He is not ashamed at being a romantic at heart and loving to be pampered, especially by tall people.

After Yoon was born, his father was killed in car accident, leaving his mom single. He tried to make friends at his public school but he would always get picked on by almost every one for being short and girly. One day, at age 7, his mother suprised him with a new inground pool in their back yard. That day he learned he had a passion for swimming. His mother had to drag him out of the water almost every day to eat dinner.
A few years later, as things tended to get out of hand with the bullying at school, his mom decided to transfered to another city for a new position with the company she worked for. Yoon and his mother researched for a private school for him to attend and found a swimming academy just a few miles away from his new home. He begged and begged his mother to allow him to attend this school. After sending his application in and waiting for what seemed like a eternity to him, it was like a dream come true, when he received the acceptance letter from the school. He looked like a fish out of water as he did a crazy dance around his house.

Additional Info:
~tends to stay in the water till he is all wrinkled like a prune.
~cant have coffee or he will fall asleep right on the spot after a hour of drinking it.



★Sada, Yoshito
★Xing, Bailey

if anyone wants to rp.. just note me! ♥
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awwwh I would have loved to be roomates I forgot to check on it :C cans we still rp? I will start if ya want cause I have high hopes for our boys (if ya remember the notes I sent~)
hello roomie :iconslashshine:

shi-kuin's so adorbs QvQ 

hope we can rp :la:
Chibi-ika Jul 22, 2013  Student Digital Artist

Hiiii!! ♥

d'aw thnx.. and Yoshito is just to freaking hot XD

Oh I would love that sooo much!!

ty amg ///////

ok * 7* ummm so notes or skype?
Chibi-ika Jul 22, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I repond faster to notes if thats ok. :3
notes it is then >u<

mind starting or should I do it?
Chibi-ika Jul 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist
i can start :3
:iconbaileyboyplz::iconsaysplz: Ahh your a freshman :iconilikeitplz: My name is Bailey and I'll be your senior and your new roommate hehe//gives out his hand :iconhappygrinneplz:

I like your character and his personality :'3 Hope we can rp sometimes
Chibi-ika Jul 22, 2013  Student Digital Artist

:iconsaysplz:  Hi! nice to meet you Bailey... I'm Yoon. * shakes his hand and grinning like a idiot*

ah thank you and same to you!omg yesh!! I would love that!

ElenaMegan Jul 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist
AAAAH! Bishieeeee!
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